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The Lethbridge Society of Glass Artisans (LSGA) promotes glass art in Southern Alberta.  Glass art includes a variety of techniques including:

  1. Stained glass – windows, panels, sun catchers, lamps, etc.
  2. Fused glass – plates, bowls, vases, sinks, jewelry, etc.
  3. Mosaics – plates, bowls, vases, picture frames, etc, created with glass, ceramics, found objects

The LSGA promotes glass art through education, community outreach, and mentoring.  Through workshops, classes, and school programming we offer educational opportunities for people many aspects of glass work.  We are involved in community events, displays, media opportunities, farmer’s markets and arts events to showcase art glass.  In addition, we provide learning opportunities for new and experienced glass artisans through webinars, workshops and mentoring. Our programs and services are supported in our glass studio which provides work space, equipment, resources and glass for skill development and confidence building for glass art techniques in Southern Alberta.We have been a non-profit group since 1990 with a mandate to promote glass art.We meet on a monthly basis at McNally Artist Studios.  Our workshops and tools are available for use by all members.Yearly membership fee includes:$60.00 / person$80.00 / couple$45.00 (snowbird)

  • Access to the Society’s specialty glass tools that are expensive for the average glass artisans to own
  • An outlet to display glass work at various exhibits
  • Educational workshops
  • Other activities such as glass swaps, fusing classes and open studio.
  • Membership form 

For more information email Maggie Sawyer  or call (403) 394-2656