President & Chairman 

  • Chair all society and executive meetings
  • Schedule monthly society meetings & location
  • Delegate tasks as necessary to members
  • Be an active glass artisan
  • Prepare meeting agenda 5-7 days prior to meetings
  • Call executive meetings once per quarter with appropriate agenda
  • Ensure that LSGA policies and procedures are adhered to
  • Final review of the grant application 
  • Ensure all legal requirements are met:

    • Submit annual return to government
    • Books have been reviewed by 2 members
    • Address changes (if required) are submitted
  • Make external contacts to publicize society events

Vice President – Special Events

  • Cover for the president in his/her absence
  • Assist the president in major society events
  • Attend executive and society meetings
  • Co-ordinate the annual sales
  • Assist with the other committees as needed


  • Receive all society monies due from all sources.
  • Collect and receive annual dues 
  • Effect all disbursements to cover all legitimate costs.
  • Manage and control the operating bank account. Make deposits to the society's bank account as funds are received.
  • Report to members on a monthly basis the short and long-term financial details regarding the society
  • Produce a sales report for any sales held during the year
  • Prepare annual return
    • Ensure review of financials is completed annually and submitted to GOA
    • Ensure that the books are reviewed and signed annually by two members
  • Provide documentation required for annual grants.
  • Standard bookkeeping procedures to be followed and electronically tracked
  • Online Banking


  • To attend all meetings and record the minutes.
  • To distribute the monthly minutes report via email to all board members and officers.
  • To file and maintain all the recorded minutes in the club's secretarial log book
  • Provide documents required for annual grants.

Director (VP) Communication

  • Make recommendations and suggestions for programs and meeting agendas.
  • Responsible to prepare and maintain asset inventory list.
  • Develop community partnerships that promote glass art
  • Attend all executive & society meetings.
  • Oversee that the policies for the society are in in place and adhered to
  • Assist with special events
  • Assist with the other committees as needed
  • Take minutes in absence of the secretary

Director (VP) of Promotion and Education

  •  Arrange for classes and workshops of all types (general public, seniors, students)
  • Promote the society
  • Attend all executive & society meetings.
  • Arrange the ‘education’ portion of monthly meetings
  • Arrange for guest speakers or presentations
  • Keep records of all the members of the society:
    • Members addresses,
    • Start date
    • Date membership renewed/paid
    • Email
    • Phone numbers
    • Keys
  • Assist with the other committees as needed

Director (VP) of Fundraisin

  •  Prepare the grant application(s)
  •  Seek out additional revenue sources
  • Attend all executive & society meetings.
  • Complete necessary documents for various forms of fundraising  (raffles, casino application)
  • Plan silent auctions at various events.
  • Provide documents required for annual grants.
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